Rental Items

Air Compressors
Air Nailers (framing, finishing, flooring, roofing)
Aluminum Brakes with cutter
Asphalt Rollers
Brick Splitters
Brick Tongs
Bull Floats
Chain Saws
Concrete & Asphalt Saws (gas or electric)
Concrete Chutes
Concrete Grinders
Concrete Mixers
Concrete Vibrators
Cut Off Saws
Demolition Hammers (electric, air or hydraulic)
Electric Drills
Electric Saws
Electrician’s Snakes
Equipment Lifts
Fence Installation Kit
Flooring Nailers
Hand Tampers
Heat Guns
Heaters (space heaters, electric, kerosene/propane 55K BTU and up)
High Pressure Washers (hot and cold)
Insulation Blower
Ladders (step: 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’ extension: 20’, 28’, 32’, 40’)
Man Lifts (34’ telescopic bucket, 20’ scissor)
Masonry Saws
Mixing Boxes
Mortar Pans
Pavement Breakers
Pipe Pullers
Post Hole Diggers
Power Buggies
Power Ladders
Power Trowels
Propane Torches
Rood Torches
Rotary Hammers
Sandblasters (wet & dry)
Sheet Rock Lifts & Carts
Shingle Cutters*
Shingle Eaters
Skidsteer Loaders (with or without tracks)
Skidsteer Loader Attachments:
   Backhoes, 48” Pallet Forks, 60” Sweeper, 60” Grapple Bucket, Eliminator Rakes,
   York Rake, Snowplow, Demolition Hammer, 60” Brush Mower, Auger (12” & 24”).
Sledge Hammers
Stud Drivers
Tractor Brush Hogs
Tractor Grader Boxes
Transit Levels & Lasers
Underlayment Staplers
Welders (gas, electric or mig)
Wood Chippers

Yard & Garden Equipment
Aerators (hand, gas, towable)
Brick Tongs
Brush Saws
Chain Saws
Commercial Overseeder
Core Aerators
Digging Bars
Fence Stretchers
Grading Rakes
Hedge Trimmers (gas & electric)
Lawn Edgers
Lawn Mowers (21” &36”)
Lawn Rollers
Lawn Slicer/Seeder
Lawn Vacuums
Leaf Blowers (walk behind & backpack)
Line Trimmers
Log Splitters (horizontal & vertical)
Long Reach Hedge Trimmers
Lopping Shears
Pipe Pullers
Pole Pruning Saws (hand & power)
Post Hole Diggers (hand & power)
Pry Bars
Rototillers (small & large)
Sickle Bar Mowers
Sledge Hammers
Sod Cutters
Stump Grinders (push & hydraulic)
Thatchers, aka Power Rakes (walk behind, towable)
Tree Carts
Tree Climbing Equipment
Weed Cutters
Wheel Barrows
Woodchippers (2”, 7”, 12”)

Trailers and Moving Equipment
Appliance Hand Trucks
Car Carrier
Desk Dollies
Hand Trucks
Loading Ramps
Moving Pads
Pallet Jacks
Pry Dollies
Roller Conveyors
Steel Strapping Kits
Suction Cups
Tow Bars
Tow Dollies
Utility and Equipment Trailers

Plumbing Equipment
Acetylene Torches
Basin Wrenches
Cast Iron Pipe Cutters
Chain Wrenches
Flaring Tools (to 1”)
Fuel Oil Transfer Pumps
Pipe Benders
Pipe Cutters
Pipe Locators
Pipe Reamers
Pipe Thawers
Pipe Vices
Pipe Wrenches
Power Vices
Sewer Jets
Snakes (hand, power)
Stocks & Dies
Tubing Cutters
Water Rams

Floor Equipment
Carpet Cleaners
Carpet Cutters
Carpet Kickers
Carpet Seaming Irons
Carpet Staplers
Concrete Terrazzo Grinders
Floor Dryers
Floor Sanders and Edgers
Heat Guns
Oak Flooring Nailers (hand, air, 3/8” and 3/4”)
Polishers (13”, 16”, 18”)
Tile Cutters
Tile Rollers
Tile Saws (to 24”)
Tile Strippers
Underlayment Staplers
Vacuums (wet, dry)

Painting and Wallpapering
Airless Paint Sprayers
Extension Planks
Heat Guns
HVLP Sprayers
Pump Jacks
Roof Jacks
Texture Sprayers
Wallpaper Removers

Automotive Tools
4 Wheel Drive Sockets
Air Chisels
Axle Pullers
Ball Joint Forks
Ball Joint Press
Ball Joint Sockets
Brake Tools
Cambearing Tools
Car Carrier Trailers
Car Polishers
Clutch Aligning Tools
Coil Spring Compressors
Cylinder Hones
Dent Pullers
Drum Pullers
Flaring Tools
Floor Jacks
High Reach Motor Hoists
Impact Wrenches (to 1” Drive)
Jack Stands
Load Rotors
Motor Hoists
Motor Stands
Pilot Bearing Pullers
Pitman Arm Pullers
Ridge Reamer
Ring Compressors
Sliding Weight Pullers
Steering Wheel Pullers
Tail Pipe Expanders
Tie Rod Forks
Torque Wrenches (to 350lbs.)
Tow Bars
Tow Dollies
Transmission Jacks
Valve Lifter Remover
Valve Spring Compressors
Vibration Damper Pullers
Wheel Pullers

Band Saws
Brick Saws
Brush Saws
Chain Saws
Circular Saws (7 1/4”, 8 1/4”, 16”)
Compound Miter Saws (10”)
Concrete Saws
Cut Off Saws
Jig Saws
Masonry Saws
Miter Saws (10”, 15”)
Table Saws (8”)
Tile Saws
Toe Kick Saws

Belt Sanders (3”, 4”)
Disc Sanders
Drywall Sanders with Vacuum
Dual Action Sanders (6”)
Floor Edgers
Floor Sanders
Orbital Floor Sanders
Oscillating Sanders
Palm Sanders
Random Orbit Sanders

Centrifugal Water Pumps (gas, electric, 3/4”, 1”, 1 1/4”, 2”)
Diaphragm Pumps (3”)
Fuel Oil Transfer Pumps
Pool Vacs
Trash Pumps (3”)
Waterbed Pumps

Asbestos Shingle Cutters
Bolt Cutters
Brick Cutters
Floor Tile Cutters
Quarry Tile Cutters
Sheetrock Cutter (Spiracut)
Slate Cutters
Tile Cutters (to 24")
Tile Hole Cutters

1/2” Drills
3/8” Drills
Diamond Core Drills
Hammer Drills
Magnetic Drills
Right Angle Drills
Rotary Hammers

Bull Horns
Hammer Staplers
Hand Staplers
Hav-a-Hart Traps
Metal Detectors
Projectors (8mm, slide)
Screw Guns
Ventilation Blowers

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